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27.06.08 15:51 Age: 8 yrs


Jade Diamond sparkles...

Jade DiamondItís hard to say something when all of the boys have already said exactly how I felt Ė an amazing experience, a great opportunity, and definitely the highlight of my life to this point.

Getting to the arena was unreal, the ring was lit up by  spotlights and it was just like those TV shows; youíre looking at something thatís so magical, it's like you have a moment when you canít hear anything Ė you just see what youíve always wanted to see.

Meeting the Superstars (and legendary New Zealand Wrestling icons like Johnny Garcia, Tony Garea and Dave Cameron) was fantastic Ė they were all really nice guys and girls, especially The Undertaker and Shane McMahon and Kelly Kelly is so hot in person, Wow!

We got changed into our gear, cut some promos and went to have our tryout with Finlay and Jamie Noble.

I wrestled two matches in front of Finlay, Noble and The Undertaker Ė one against the Ram, and one against Max (the Axe) Damage. I felt both went really well. I was really nervous because you know that three WWE Superstars have their eyes on you Ė not to mention Bushwhacker Butch and Rip Morgan, and all the other Superstars who made their way down during the end of my match with Max (Kofi Kingston, Shelton Benjamin and Bam Neely) so I tried not to let it get into my head.

Jamie NobleI was lucky enough to get the chance to lock up with Jamie Noble. I donít know if he was testing me or was just in the mood for some roughhousing, but we locked up twice. If I never lock up with a WWE Superstar again, I can say that I have at least once.

The rest of the night was awesome Ė watching the show with the boys from our VIP area, knowing we had all shared such an amazing experience, made it better than any show Iíve ever seen before.

Remember fans Ė Diamonds always shine the brightest, and Iím sure I could see a sparkle in the eye of the WWE talent that afternoon!

 PowerHouse Jade Diamond