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05.01.07 12:43 Age: 12 yrs

New Year Greetings From Butch

Yoooooo! Wrestling Fans!

Gidday Mateys! What a Kracker night KPW had to end their very first successful year in the professional wrestling business at their Xmas Kracker event. What made it so great in My opinion was the prescence of so many past New Zealand Superstars showing their support for the No 1 wrestling promotion in the Wellington area & the involvement of some of the top Superstars from IPW the No 1 promotion in the Auckland area combining to create a Kracker show. As Commissioner of KPW I hope to see both these two super power wrestling promotions combining for more shows in 2007. It's great for the fans & excellent for the young wrestling talent of both Companies to have the opportunity to work & learn off each other. I forsee a great year for both companies in 2007 & a huge step up for Professional wrestling in New Zealand which will lead to bigger & brighter things for the fans & the Superstars.

It certainly was bloody fantastic for Myself & Company Director Rip Morgan to see our old Mates & great ambassadors of Pro Wrestling from the past - AL HOBMAN, BRUNO BECKER & BOB CROZIER amongst the crowd watching this new generation of Young Bucks strut their stuff & giving some input and advice on helping them reach even higher levels.

Al Hobman who was inducted into the Kiwi Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame alongside Cousin Luke & myself earlier in 2006 is a legend in his own right. Not only did Al display an incredible body for his time, an ex Mr New Zealand in fact, but was a great grappler & Pro Wrestling Promoter for many years both here and abroad. Great to see you Al My old Mate, You still look great & Cousin Luke & Myself will always be grateful for the things We learnt from You which certainly helped big time for our fantastic run in the business & eventual 10 year stint with WWE as the Bushwhackers.

Bruno Becker, who introduced my tag team partner of over 30 years Cousin Luke (Gorgeous Teddy Williams) to Pro Wrestling, was My first successful tag partner. Bruno & I had a lot of overseas tours together & like Al, I certainly learnt a hell of a lot from Him in a very short time. Bruno went on to become one of New Zealand's most travelled Wrestlers & one of the few to make inroads into Wrestling in North America alongside other great New Zealand Superstars like PAT O'CONNER, ABE JACOBS, JOHN DA SILVA, STEVE RICKARD, ROBERT BRUCE, RIP MORGAN & of course COUSIN LUKE & Myself. I have no doubt whatsoever that My old mate Bruno will be inducted into the KPW Hall of Fame early in 2007.

Bob Crozier really hit the New Zealand scene when Luke & I were walkabout doing our own thing overseas but we did catch up many times when we came home for some good old New Zealand tours which Bob was part of & he was not only a great Guy but a Superstar of the past & a bloke I'm proud to call a Mate.

I also thought the whole card at Kracker really put out for the fans & the improvement I can see in their professionalism in such a short time is fantastic. Rip Morgan has done a great job giving a hand training & helping them reach this new level & what better tutor can you have than Ripper with all his many years travelling the World taking on everybody & anybody. Way to go Rip! You're doing a bloody fantastic job passing on all your knowledge & expertise to these young & upcoming Superstars obviously you hoping they will have the same opportunities that you had.

One thing this Commish is sorting through over this holiday period is who the bloody hell ran off with H-Flame's KPW New Zealand Heavy Weight Championship Belt??? Who's got it? The Mad irishman Mike Ryan? The loud mouth Jonnie Juice? Could it have been Vinny Dunn or that bloody pip squeak Charlie Roberts? Or even the challenger on the night Max Damage? Or Maybe, jusy Maybe Team Pretty might've sneaked out of there with it while all hell was breaking loose in & out of the ring. One way or the other I will get to the bottom of this & someone will pay a huge fine & maybe a suspension.

Last but not least I would like to thank all the Wrestlers of KPW & all the Fans & Company Directors and close friend Rip Morgan for a Fantastic first Year & wish everyone out there a very happy New Year. I'm looking forward to an exciting 2007! It's going to be a hell of a ride so make sure you get aboard the KPW excitement machine.

It's over from Me & out from Him. Cheers - Bushwhacker Butch (Bloody Lovely Tell Ya Mother) Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa